Karl-Heinz Wüstner

K.-H. Wüstner for Exodus ConferenceKarl-Heinz Wüstner is a high school teacher in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, teaching English, Art, Geography and Social Sciences. As a local historian his main research interests are emigration from the Hohenlohe region of Baden Württemberg to Great Britain and rural 18th/19th century painted furniture.

Karl-Heinz is a committee member of the Historical Society of Württemberg-Franconia and staff member of a local museum displaying painted furniture. He writes books and articles and has given talks at numerous conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally.

In September 2012 he lectured at the Anglo-German Family History Society’s 25th Birthday Conference in Liverpool.


Sausages, Bacon and Pork Pies

Culinary Paths to Success for 19th Century German Immigrants

During the 19th century German Pork butchers were a significant group of immigrants settling mostly in London and the prospering industrial cities of northern England. During this period as more and more women were employed in manufacturing industries they had little or no time to cook. These immigrant German butchers were the first to recognise and exploit this emerging need for alternative resourcing and thus they created the first ever “takeaways”. Most of these immigrants originated from a tiny region in southern Germany and my talk explains how from small beginnings they achieved a significant prominence, only to fade unhappily away after the outbreak of WW I.

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  1. Hello

    I am a descendant of Georg Michael Reiss, born in Brettenfeld on 23 September 1826. His son Georg Paul, born 23 Jul 1858 moved to the UK (Kendal, Westmorland) in 1872 and became a Pork Butcher. The family business was continued by his two sons George Francis and Conrad Reiss (my Grandfather). Conrad’s only child Pauline (my Mother)is still alive and I am researching our family history. Stefan Kraut has provided some information following my visit to Kunzelsau to visit Great-Grandfather’s home in Buchenmuhle and I believe that he sent you a copy of his email to me. If you have any further information (in particular other relatives who moved to the UK) I would be very interested to hear from you. Kind regards Christine.


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