Exodus The “App”

DownloadEventBoardQRCodeMeduimWe felt that modern technology should be part of our conference and consequently have developed our own “app”. Now if you own a smartphone with ios, android or windows operating systems you can get the conference app for FREE. (not yet supported on Kindle)

Just go to your “app” marketplace and search for “eventboard” Download this and then scroll down the conferences to Exodus:Movement of the People. It will then load onto your smartphone. It will also work on an iPad but you need to download the “free” eventboad app for iPhone.

What will you find there?

Five tabs
1. Sessions
The full programme and all the speakers with links in order to view by speaker, time slot, session type, session track and by keyword. You can even create your own Agenda. Find the speaker/session you want and touch the heart – it will turn red and then appear in your My Agenda page. Of course we have already added the common sessions such as breakfast, lunch and dinner into your Agenda!

Here you will find all the latest news from the conference including our ability to send you any last minute important messages through the app as well as all the articles and other posts that are appearing on our conference blog

3.All the latest tweets about the conference. Just use either the hashtah #Exodus2013 or @HalstedTrust and not only will you see your tweet appear here, it saves you having to search twitter for conference news and comments. During the conference we hope to use twitter to engage not just you but other family historians from around the world

4. Here you will not only find information about our fantatsic sponsors but also the exhibitors within the Mayfair room

5. The resources not only include general information about the conference but maps and floor plans of the venue. There is even a shortcut to the website and the facebook page.

So in a nutshell as an attendee you will find you can

Quickly find interesting sessions
Create your personal agenda
Always know what is happening next
Never get lost with the conference floor plan
Receive alerts when sessions change
Stay in the know with the conference news feed
Stay social – read conference related tweets

Why not download today and tweet “I’ve downloaded the free app for #exodus2013 and I’ll be there


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