Dr Turi King

Turi KingDr. Turi King is a Research Fellow and Project Manager on The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain project in Department of Genetics and the School of Historical Studies at the University of Leicester.   She obtained her first degree in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge before moving into the field of molecular genetics. She undertook the MSc in Molecular Genetics at the University of Leicester gaining a distinction. Following a brief period working at Cambridge University, Turi moved back to Leicester to carry out a PhD under the supervision of Professor Mark Jobling in the Department of Genetics on a Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship. Turi was awarded the School of Biological Sciences PhD Prize for her thesis entitled “The relationship between British surnames and Y- chromosomal haplotypes”.

Turi’s is currently carrying out further work on the link between surnames and they Y chromosome, is examining the genetic legacy of the Vikings in the north of England, and is leading the DNA analysis on the putative remains of Richard III found at the Greyfriars site in Leicester


The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain

This project is a major multidisciplinary research programme being funded by The Leverhulme Trust. The overall aim of the project is to conduct research into the impact of ancient diasporas on the cultural and population history of Britain and how these events have shaped identities in the British Isles both in the past and in the present. What makes the programme unique is that its principal purpose is to bring together the expertise from a number of different disciplines in order to create a fuller picture of the complex origins of the British people.

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  1. Dr. King, I watched the documentary on Richard III and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am interested in genetics and have started to use some ideas from it in the novels I am working on. Alas, as much of an Anglophile as I am, I don’t think I have any British ancestry, but through friends and marriage have many who are. Thank you for allowing me to write. As for the submit comment, yes, I am human, or was the last I looked. 🙂


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