Geraldine Charles

geraldine charlesAlthough an Archivist for many years with the National Maritime Museum, Geraldine originally studied Biological Sciences at degree level and this included Anthropology and Genetics. These are some of the illustrated talks she has given that relate either to the Anglo-Indian Diaspora or mentioned the use of mtDNA

The Anglo-Indian Diaspora Conference Calcutta 2007

  • The past is in my blood – In Search of the Golden Fleece
  • The past is in my blood – The Descendants of John Bull and Mother India

FIBIS Manchester Meeting  September 2012

  • From Boarshurst to Bangalore – the story of James Bradbury

The East India Company and Me – A one day Family History event National Maritime Museum 2012

  • “My Family!” (Mentions mtDNA)

North West Kent Family History Group  Bromley Branch September 2012

“Children of John Company – The Anglo-Indians!” (Updated version of talk to include mtDNA)


A Scattering of Seeds

Diaspora is Greek for a “scattering of seed”. This presentation relates to people who went to India under the East India Company and the Raj,and  married into Indian/Anglo Indian families. After Independence many of their descendants emigrated becoming “scattered” throughout the world but predominantly in UK, Canada, Australia, NZ and the Commonwealth. The presentation will cover:

  • Mitochondrial Eve
  • Geraldine’s own mtDNA result which indicates Indian ancestry
  • Illustrating with her family tree
    • Firstly how many others of her extended family tree share her mtDNA
    • Secondly how she used the tree to identify other living individuals, who carry other testable mtDNA lines for ancestors they have in common
    • The  Y-Chromosome and its significance with respect surnames in Britain FIBIS’s DNA project


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